Altar Guild

Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church & School Altar Guild
 The Altar Guild members serve with the blessing of the Rector of the parish. The laity that are feeling called to join this ministry are required to meet with the Rector – Interim Rector – Priest in Charge, or Clergy that the Rector assigns, before they become a member in good standing of the Altar Guild. The Altar Guild is a ministry of the laity that have answered a call from God to attend to the physical aspects associated with the Holy Eucharist and all seasons of the church year. 
The Altar Guild members serve at the service that they attend. Also, the entire Altar Guild prepares the Church and Altar, as a Team, for every season of the Church year. Altar Guild members also serve at our school’s Holy Eucharist service on Wednesday during the academic year, at 8:00 am, September-May. This is a lay ministry of dedicated parishioners and an avenue to meeting new people when you join a church. 
The Rector or Clergy that the Rector assigns work with the Altar Guild as their guide, by teaching the altar guild members what is allowed and welcomed  in this lay ministry. Serving on the Altar Guild is a quiet and often solitary ministry in our church that offers contemplative time with God. Laity or lay people are the confirmed communicants of a parish. Clergy are ordained by a Bishop. 
The Reverend Robert G. Trache, Rector & Head of School
The Reverend Eliza R. Ragsdale, Assistant Head of School & Assistant Rector
Clergy: The Reverend Eliza R. Ragsdale, Assistant Head of School & Asst. Rector

Mrs. Audrey Choy – Chair
Ms. Paula Green –  Vice – Chair  ( The Vice-Chair will be the next Chair)

8:00 a.m.  Sunday Holy Eucharist Service
Ms. Joan Billings – 8:00 am 
Mrs. Susan Dorsett – 8:00 am
Ms. Paula Green, Vice- Chair 8:00 & 10:00 am
Mr. Harry & Mrs. Karen Richardson- 8:00 am
 10:00 am Sunday Holy Eucharist Service
Ms. Paula Green, Vice-Chair 8:00 & 10:00 & Wednesday
Ms. Cynthia Floria- 10:00 am
Ms. Sandy Hoyle- 10:00 am
Mrs. Holly Hoyle-McAneny-10:00 am
Mrs. Sandra Klingler-10:0 am
Mr. David & Mrs. Cara Pointer- 10:00 am
Miss Amanda Pointer-10:00 am
8:05 am Wednesday School Holy Eucharist Service: September-May
Ms. Paula Green, Vice Chair
Mr. Harry Richardson -8:00 am