17 Feb, 2016

Epiphany IV Sermon 2016

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Epiphany IV The Episcopal Church of Saint Mark the Evangelist Fort Lauderdale, Florida January 31, 2016 Luke: 4: 21-30 Many of you have commented on the recent news that the Episcopal Church has been censored and suspended for three years from voting and sitting on committees in the Anglican Communion, as a result of the [...]

24 Dec, 2015

Christmas Eve – Luke: 1:1-20

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Merry Christmas! And merry it always seems to be. Christmas is the happiest time of year for most people, Christian or not, despite all the commercialism that goes with it, Christmas is always fun. My old Rabbi friend used to tell me that Christmas was the only time of year when just for a moment [...]

6 Dec, 2015

Advent II – Luke: 3:1-6

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Advent always begins with John the Baptist, who according to Saint Luke is the last of the prophets. I am sure that John the Baptist is not a person many of us would hurry to be around. To say that someone dressed in camel’s skin, eating wild locusts and honey was eccentric would be an [...]

8 Nov, 2015

Pentecost XXIV – Mark 12:38-44

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Last Sunday was All Saints Day and it marked the finale of our stewardship program for the fall when we blessed our pledges and other gifts to our parish, except that it wasn’t really the end. This year, so far, we have had some marvelous pledges to the work and ministry of St. Mark’s, but [...]

3 Oct, 2015

Pentecost XIX – Matthew 11:25-30

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Every October, Episcopal schools all over the country celebrate Episcopal education. Education is one of the greatest ministries of the Episcopal Church and it can boast some of the most notable schools in the nation, St. Mark’s being one of them. Episcopal schools are dedicated to a well -rounded educational experience that includes academics, arts, [...]

20 Sep, 2015

Pentecost XVII – Mark 9: 30-37

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The Gospels are filled with bits of wisdom that speak to us from across the centuries. If you have been coming to Church over the last few Sundays, you will remember that Jesus and his disciples have been traveling. First they went off to Phoenicia modern day Lebanon where Jesus encounter a very wise woman [...]

13 Sep, 2015

Pentecost XV – Mark 8:27-38

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Last April when Mother Liza and I were in Israel we took the journey up to Caesarea Philippi. It is near the very northernmost part of Israel lodged in between Syria and Lebanon. We had not been there for a long time and I forgot how beautiful it was. It is where the springs that [...]

25 Jan, 2015

Epiphany III – Jonah 3: 1-5,10

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The story of Jonah is a fish story – maybe the biggest fish story ever told. Over the years there have been great arguments about Jonah’s mysterious fish. What was it? Was it a whale, a great White Shark, an unknown sea creature? Some have searched the oceans for a fish whose belly is large [...]

3 Jan, 2015


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Today, we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany. For us it is the end of the Christmas Story. Epiphany begins with wise men that travel a long way to see if there is a new answer to some very old questions. Who can resist these them – the Magi? Indeed we have turned them from [...]