Recently, I was sitting in our Church alone. Sometimes praying is merely listening. I kept hearing, almost in a whisper, the word fragile, as if it was a message given silently in that quiet moment. Sometimes everything that seems so rock solid can come apart in the twinkling of an eye. How fragile life can be.

No image could express this fragility better than a baby in a manger born to parents struggling to keep life together. Christmas is about recognizing the fragility of human life and how much we depend upon each other to be a source of hope and love. One of the great insights of Christianity is that in loving each other we become more than we can ever be alone.

All of us grew up because there were others who were willing to care about who we are and what we do. Jesus may not have been wealthy, or educated, or from a sophisticated family but in his life, in his fragility, he brought God’s love nearer to each one of us. Every year when Christmas arrives, it brings a different season. At the very least we are each a year older, some of us have lost loved ones, some of us are in a place we never expected to be, and some of us have changed. We know that in spite how fragile life can be we are connected to each other in a holy love that comes from God. A faith that says there is light in the darkness and hope in the small and fragile bits of life.

We have each received great blessings, but none of us has ever received a greater blessing than the Christ child. May this Christmas be a time of rejoicing that God has touched our lives and made us a people of love and hope. May God’s love find you this Christmas and strengthen you to love others in the year ahead.

Merry Christmas,

The Reverend Robert G. Trache