Adult Choir

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Choir

About the Choir. .  . St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Choir is made up of professional singers and volunteers.   Uniting as one, they lift their voices each Sunday in the praise and worship of God.   In addition, the choir provides music for additional liturgies throughout the year.    The repertoire of the choir consists of many of the pieces that are part of our Anglican heritage, together with music from every musical period, spirituals and gospel, music of the world church, and contemporary pieces.


Membership. . .   Membership in the choir is open to all.    Come with whatever musical skills you might have.  If you do not read music, we will assist in teaching you simple and painless ways to learn to read music.   Some folks are able to commit themselves to choir for the entire year; others can only commit for a time or a season.   Whatever time you have, we would welcome you as a part of our musical community, singing, supporting, and building the kingdom of god.

Coming Soon –  Recordings of anthems for rehearsal