The Beloved Community at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church came together in one joyous gathering after another this season! The momentum built steadily from our first coffee hour back in the fall, it grew with the size of our choir and the enthusiasm of our school. So many reached out and pitched in. We want to thank everyone who took part! Especially those behind the scenes who do such inspired work for our Saint Mark’s Family.

The Altar Guild had an interesting year, adapting to changing protocols and new priest’s preferences. Many thanks to Harry Richardson, Paula Greene and Joan Billings for keeping it all together, setting the table for our brothers and sisters in Christ every Sunday of the year. A special thanks to Mike Mullins for getting us going on the greening and decorating our beautiful church this Advent. We appreciate everyone who turned out to help!

Thanks to Lynne Coughlin for enlisting the vestry and hosting our first coffee hour, as well as orchestrating an especially jolly holiday potluck. Our coffee hour after each Sunday service has become quite popular, thanks to the generosity of our parishioners. We want to acknowledge all those who’ve been contributing including Sarah Weitz, Giselle Dorsett, Pat Giese, John McArthur, Christy Lambertus, Charles Baran & Kirk Bookman, Ed Abdale & Joe Bruzzi, Carmen Corriazzo-Cannon, Ryan & Dianela Brukardt, Jim & Billie Hairston, and Terry Gaw & Mike Mullins. Please consider hosting an upcoming Sunday coffee hour!