Memorial Garden

In August 1964, the Vestry at St. Mark’s approved the contract for the construction of the present day church, and The Memorial Garden. Services in the new church commenced in July 1965, and in April 1966, the Memorial Garden was ready to receive ashes.

The Memorial Garden initially consisted of the west wall, and the western portion of the south wall. In 1973-4 the remainder of the south wall, and the east wall were added to expand the Memorial Garden to its present capacity. In 2006, a major renovation to the Memorial Garden was completed that included upgrades to the fountain and landscaping, and the replacement of the cement walkways with brick.

Beyond being a place for burial and to remember the deceased, the garden at St. Mark’s is alive and dynamic with plantings, a water feature, and a beautiful walkway. It is a place for the living to sit, enjoy the beauty, meditate, and pray, and also a place for receptions, gatherings and where our community should feel welcome for centuries to come.