You may have noticed that the choir has been growing in numbers since it started back only a couple of months ago, after its awfully long pandemic-induced hiatus!    It’s been a great joy to see both former and new members of the choir joining to make music together on a Sunday morning.

As with all things during this pandemic, we are taking a cautious, and staged approach to resuming music in the church.   The choir will be singing more and more over the coming months.   Having been silent for more than a year, it is such a joy to have the choir back, leading worship.

As we approach September 12th, the first ‘official’ day of the choir season, I wanted to extent a warm invitation to anyone who is interested in joining the choir.   Whilst it is important to understand how to read music, a formal audition isn’t required.   If you love to sing and can carry tune, please come and talk to me!

Beginning on September 12th, the choir’s regular schedule will be the following:

  • 9:20a.m. – arrive and greet your fellow choir members, and prepare for rehearsal
  • 9:30a.m. – rehearsal for that day begins.
  • 10:30a.m. – Church
  • 11:45a.m. – short 15-20 minute rehearsal for future services.

This innovative, “Sunday only” schedule has gained great interest in the church choir community recently — many of us are too busy these days to commit to getting to a mid-week rehearsal, however, this way you get music, church, and you’re out in time for a great brunch — perhaps even with your fellow choir members!

I look forward to talking with you about joining the ranks of the choir — it’s a great time, with great people!   By all means send me an e-mail, or come and chat to me after church sometime.    The sooner, the better!