Sometime last fall Lenny, Becky and Jeannie showed up at St Mark’s 8:00 service. We had just recently reconstituted the coffee hour, so we got a chance to know them a little better. All three had been members at St. Martin’s and were in need of a new church home. Before long we met Sue & Lola. Marie began coming early for coffee hour before the 10:30 service. Then we met Marilyn and Sherry and her husband, all delightful people.

Turns out Lenny & Becky were married at St. Mark’s when the Parish Hall was the church; Becky’s family were charter members. Sue has joined our Daughters of the King chapter after three years as a Daughter at Large. Everyone looks out for Lola, Sue’s darling dachshund (whatever Lola wants…) Becky is interested in getting our ECW going again and Marie has joined the book club. And Marie is greeted at coffee hour each week like Norm at Cheers: “MARIE!!” God has truly blessed us with these wonderful souls to inspire and help us all in our journey! We are so grateful for these new members of the St. Mark’s Family!!