On July 14th at 7:00 pm clergy from around our diocese will converge on Saint Mark’s to help us celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in the life of Saint Mark’s. It is a time when the parish stands as a united community before the Bishop to request that Fr. Grant Wiseman, who has been called and chosen by God, to be installed as our next Rector. This is a service whose liturgy is equal to that of Christmas and Easter; beautiful music, the presentation of symbolic gifts, the commitment to God and to one another in prayer and written instrument, and the traditional acts by both the new Rector and the people pledging to uphold the ministry of word and sacrament, and to fulfill Christ’s charge to make disciples, be witnesses and to grow leaders.
We pray that all of Saint Mark’s parish will take part in this evening of welcome, thanksgiving and renewal. Renewal within Fr. Wiseman and within each one of us, of the Spirit of Christ’s love, that through us can transform the world for the glory of God.
(Harry Richardson, Jr. Warden)

Thank you Interim Choir Director; Gordon Roberts, Choir and Soloists Aaron Venable, and Sam Venable
On Sunday, July 3rd during the 10:30 service there was a special song, “What is America to Me?” with soloist and choir member Aaron Venable accompanied by his daughter Sam o